‘You must be jokin’

She pointed you out,
A guy like that would be
the perfect one for you
You looked the most happy man around
as I watched your face in the crowd.
Heard your funny laugh out loud
I sighed, yeah right, tell me

you must be jokin’
he won’t even notice me,
a girl like me,
he just don’t see
you must be jokin’

She smiled kind of wisely
just stick around,
one of these days, you’ll see
Its just a matter of time
wait and believe in me.

So as she said, I sticked around,
but not too obviously,
had nothing to loose,
moved dangerously cool
when he finally layed eyes on me
He asked for a light
then walked on indifferently

I was about to give up,
then on a winterday
I stumbled in on him.
He petted my dog, boldly
I asked him to join the walk
He said, yeah ok,
at the end of that day
I said, please do come in
have some coffee and we
talked and talked and
he decided to stay.

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